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Ruki x Gackt. Vampire World. Ch. 4/? 
20th-Jul-2009 03:39 pm
Title – Vampire World
Author – jrocker_saya (me)
Chapter – 4/??
Pairings – Gackt x Ruki
Rating – PG-15 - ??
Disclaimer – I own this fiction but not the characters.
Summary – "I nodded slowly, the cold tone in her voice worrying me. Something was going on, and I didn't like it one bit. Kidnapped, twice, murder; whats next? I really did not want to stick around to find out. Unfortunately, right now I was in no position to escape."
Comment: This one and other chapters in the future are edited by someone different. Edited by Jen.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I hoped... I hoped I was dreaming, but the blood on the floor, my mother's body... it all seemed too real. But there was Gackt, in my home, covered in my mother's blood. How did he find me? Why did he do this? What is going on?!

"Murderer!" Aoi screamed, fighting against my tentative hold on him to get at the man who had just killed our mother. "Why did you kill her? Why?"

Gackt blinked slowly, a slight smile on his red lips, seeming to have not heard my brothers cries. His eyes stared right at me, practically boring holes into my mind. Why was he always looking at me like that?

"Who the fuck are you, anyway?" Aoi continued to scream, "Murderer!"

Gackt's eyes never left mine as his lips began to whisper, "Drowning deep in the dark, eternal roses revoke temptation. Come to me and come with me to the unknown beyond this illusion."

My arms around Aoi slackened and he took the chance, slipping from my grip. He ran toward Gackt, rage splashed red across his face, fist balled and flying towards the taller man.

Gackt deftly caught Aoi's fist in his hand, then held on, kneeing him in the stomach. A rush of air exploded from Aoi's mouth as he crumpled to the floor, moaning and clutching his stomach.

I scrambled frantically toward my brother. "Aoi, are you ok?"

Aoi coughed and wheezed, but shook his head, "I'll be ok," he murmured.

"Ruki..." Gackt's soft voice called out to me, sending shivers along my arms and back.

Keeping my eyes trained on Gackt for any sudden movements, I helped Aoi stand and slowly eased us backwards toward the stairs.

"Go upstairs," I murmured to Aoi. "Go upstairs and hide as best you can."

"But Ruki, what about-"

"Just do it!" I hissed and shoved him towards the stairs. For once my brother listened and ran. I refocused my attention on the vampire, my whole body shivering with rage and fear. We stared at each other for several long moments, eyes piercing into each others souls.

"So... should I not have killed her?" Gackt asked lightly, breaking the tension as he waved flippantly at my mother's lifeless body.

"Why did you do this?" I hissed, through clenched teeth. "Why are you here?"

The vampire took a lightening fast step forward, barely a breath away.

"To take you away."

I shivered and forced my eyes away from his. I looked past him at my mother on the floor, cold, lifeless. My mind was overwhelmed with hatred, anger, sadness... everything seemed surreal.

"I can't believe you killed her..." I murmured. "I hated her, but..."

I wretched my eyes away and took a step back, turning toward the stairs. In a flash he was in front of me, blocking my path. His blood-red eyes began to change, mesmerizing, into the bright, icy blue color he had before. I found myself lost in those icy orbs, fascinated. I was feeling more and more dizzy, but had no strength left to look away. I was trapped, his spell enveloping me, and I had no way out.

"Dammit..." I whispered, then collapsed into his embrace.


Consciousness came back like a light switched back on. I tried to flex my arms, but found them chained to the bed I was now laying upon. At the foot of the bed, Someone stood, silently, staring at me. I had hoped to not encounter this particular girl again, after all, she tried to kill me the last time we met, but I supposed my luck has not been going great lately. I noticed those startling eyes from before had changed, now a bright blue. I opened my mouth to speak, but my throat was so dry all I could manage was a weak rasp.


I nodded slowly, the cold tone in her voice worrying me. Something was going on, and I didn't like it one bit. Kidnapped, twice, murder; whats next? I really did not want to stick around to find out. Unfortunately, right now I was in no position to escape.

The door opened and Gackt entered the room, followed by two attractive men. The one on the right was blond, but the one on the left had dark honey hair mixed with bits of black. Everyone in the room, except myself, had identical, bright blue eyes...

The blond ducked out of the room, then returned a minute later with a glass of water. He held it to my lips and I gratefully took several large, slow sips. Once I had my fill, the blond man left, with the glass, but did not return this time.

I turned my attention to Gackt.

"What the fuck is going on?" I snarled, "Where am I? AGAIN? And why am I chained up?"

A smile spread across the vampire's face. "I told you, I wanted to take you away." He held up a small, shiny silver key. In a flash, he was beside my bed, first unlocking one wrist, then the other.

"Do you really want to go back home?"

His smile was so delightful, so intoxicating, even though I knew just how deadly he was. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the sensations building up inside me, but it only made things worse. His scent, the sound of his voice ringing in my ears, the image of his body-


My eyes flew open, Gackt's face just an inch from mine.

"You're blushing," he murmured, obviously amused.

Somewhere behind him, Kuro coughed. Gackt moved back from me, smoothing out his already impeccably clean jacket, and flashed me a fang-filled grin.

"You can leave whenever you want, I won't try and stop you." He paused, as if considering something. "If you do leave, you are welcome back at any time." Gackt eyed each of his companions in turn, and all three of them started for the door. Gackt, the last to leave, put a hand on the door, pausing over his shoulder.

"I do hope you return."

My body trembled, so many strange emotions racing through my body, I was almost afraid I'd black out again. What was going on? Please don't... this can't be right... he's a monster but... somehow...

... I'm in love.

[END CH 4]
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